Office Of Emergency Management

Rudy Hatridge

OEM/911 Coordinator

Little River County


Monday - Friday

8:00am - 4:30pm


351 N 3rd St, Suite 101, Ashdown 71822

The OEM Coordinator, Rudy Hatridge, is an Arkansas certified emergency manager (ACEM). He is a certified firefighter (IFSAC FF-I) with almost 30 years’ experience as a volunteer and industrial firefighter, and a nationally registered EMT (NREMT). Rudy has an Extra class amateur radio operator license (AF5EY) and is a Volunteer Examiner for ARRL. He holds a SARTECH-I Advanced Search and Rescue certification and serves on the board of the Arkansas Search and Rescue Association.

The OEM Coordinator is responsible for the County’s Emergency Operations Plan and helps coordinate mitigation, preparation, response, and recovery efforts of multiple agencies, including local, State, and Federal government agencies, volunteer organizations, and private entities, during a disaster event. OEM also coordinates the efforts of emergency service providers including rural fire departments, medical first responders, search and rescue teams, and hazardous materials response.

The 911 Coordinator is responsible for coordinating 911 emergency communications systems, issuing new addresses, and updating GIS mapping services. Responsibilities include assisting with the maintenance and repairs of radio and repeater equipment, maintaining auxiliary communications such as satellite radios and tactical communications, and coordinating amateur radio resources such as R.A.C.E.S. and A.R.E.S.

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Finding the correct address during an emergency can be a challenge. Help emergency responders by posting your address on your doorway AND at the end of your driveway to be clearly visible by emergency personnel.